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TrinityRank is an SEO company dedicated to ranking websites in the most competitive niches, using technical expertise and creative strategies.

For the first four years of our existence, we operated as a fully remote freelance team. Our SEO pros from the US, Ukraine, India, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Belarus collaborated online to build successful sites that rose to the top of Google. But even though we were living large and enjoying the digital nomad lifestyle, we found we worked best when we met face-to-face. We realized that, oddly enough, the majority of those faces came from Serbia.

In 2018, we decided to turn an old wooden house in Belgrade into our first ever office. This ’70s-style love shack became the heart and soul of our operations. TrinityRank, as you see it today, was born.

Driven by technical curiosity, we burn the midnight oil to keep up with the latest link-building, auditing, and optimizing methods. In other words, we are analyzing web rankings, testing website strategies, and cracking SEO, inside and out.

Now, with more than 50 legendary people working across two offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad - plus a dedicated remote team working around the world - we’re spreading the love for SEO with the next generation of talented digital marketing professionals. Our goal is to share the blueprint for ranking, building, and maintaining successful websites to infinity and beyond.

Why “TrinityRank?”

We named the company “TrinityRank” to reassure Baba that even though we work online, we are Serbian through-and-through. The name is also an homage to the Three Pillars of SEO, a conceptual and technical framework upon which we base our ranking methods.

Because they align so perfectly with the three major SEO processes - Crawler, Indexer, and Query Engine - the pillars serve as a great approach to teaching, understanding, and mastering SEO.


The technical underpinnings of a website: HTML code, URL structure, HTTP status codes, XML sitemaps, and all that jazz.


Content, title tags & meta descriptions, headlines, content structure, readability, topical focus, and so on.


Links and citations, sending the right signals to search engines to demonstrate that your website is a trusted source.

What exactly do we do?

We have been on both sides - agency and customer alike - so we understand the problems and promise of SEO technology. That’s why we decided to switch it up and play by our own rules.

Now we choose industries that inspire and challenge us. We build our own websites and optimize them with unique insights, proprietary tools, and in-house SEO teams that can execute our strategies using only white-hat SEO.


We create research-driven content focused on sharing valuable information, keyword research, and site structure.

Website Optimization

We employ technical, analytical, and creative methods to improve website visibility, all while including seamless UX design.


We get authoritative external pages to link to our websites through personal and mass outreach campaigns.

SEO Audit

We have created an in-depth methodology to define each step needed to boost our page’s search engine performance.

Website Management

We continuously manage, analyze, and optimize multiple websites in disparate niches to conquer every angle of SEO.


We produce quality explainer videos to crack YouTube SEO and enhance our website’s UX.

What niches have
we conquered so far?

Digital Niche

Digital Marketing

Technology Niche


Finance Niche


Health Niche


Gambling Niche


Insurance Niche


Design Niche


Blockchain Niche


Meet our babies

We don't have clients in the traditional sense. Instead, we channel our energy into each site we create. Our goal is to grow every site into a stand-alone opportunity that takes on a life of its own once it reaches the first page of Google. Here are just some of the 30+ websites we’ve created over the past four years. Feel free to check their DR.

Do you want
to join us?

One step in our quest to achieve worldwide internet domination is to find talented people and show them “the way of TrinityRank.” We are committed to sharing knowledge and teaching our unique SEO blueprint to talented workers who are as excited as we are.

If we sound like the kind of people you’d like to work with, leave us your resume. Who knows, you might end up joining our cult of SEO excellence!


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