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There’s no better way to showcase your raw vision and passion than through video. Unfortunately, not every business can afford to produce high-budget branding videos. But instead of jealously watching the beautiful people in the latest Coca Cola ad, you can now take control of your own branding destiny by contacting TrinityRank.

We want to share our mad video skills with the world. We want to help you add genuine value to your brand. That’s why we’ve decided to “share” our video production team and give your company the opportunity to create its own high-quality, unique, and personal branded explainer video.

There's a million ways
we can make your video

Okay, we might have exaggerated that by around 999,990. Still, we’ve got all the skills and expertise to create any kind of animated video you could dream of. Our team is extremely versatile, so whichever style you want, we’ll make sure we add your special touch. We’ll use your company’s unique branding, colors, and style to truly encapsulate your voice and personality. Here are just some of the video styles we’re experienced in:

Line art

Let’s start simple. Our illustrators can tame their skills to give you an awesome animated video that combines powerful written content with line art to broadcast your brand values to the world.

Flat animation

If your whole website’s design relies heavily on flat design, that’s no problem for us! We’re no strangers to all these modern design trends. We’re hip, we’re cool, and we’re experts in flat animation.

Product tutorials

What better way to present your product than via a video tutorial? Either send us a short demo of your product or let us have a play with it ourselves. We’ll then cook you up a product tutorial with a twist that’s bound to have people raving about whatever it is you’re selling!

2D animation

If you want to go all-in with your video, we’ve got your back. Our animation team is capable of putting together lengthy 2D animated videos that can turn even the dullest-sounding topic into something captivating and shareable!

Video ads

Whether you want a custom animated video ad or a simple “Visit our website” slideshow, we can handle it. After all, we’ve applied all these methods within our own marketing strategy. That’s how we know a video ad can get you more conversions, more visitors, and more success!


Let’s see how
we can work

Our process and services typically include:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Screenwriting & Storyboarding
  • Illustration & Animation
  • Audio Production
  • Final Edits & Fixes

We can also include some additional marketing services, but that’s an entirely different conversation.

Every company has its own unique needs, aims, and wishes. That’s why we prefer to talk to our clients first to determine how we can collaborate as effectively as possible. Hit us up and let’s see how we can bring your vision to life!

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